Best Asam Laksa

In Penang of course! To sample the best Penang Laksa, you’ll have to make a pilgrimage back to the dish’s birthplace, Penang, Malaysia. Penang Laksa, also known as Asam Laksa, is an aromatic fish broth, served with thick rice noodles. The broth is flavored with asam, which is Malay for tamarind, thus giving rise to […]

Best and Worst Foods for your Teeth

One in every five Americans has an untreated cavity. These are holes burned into a person’s teeth by acid formed by sugar and bacteria. Certain foods form cavities better because they have more sugar, or attract certain kinds of bacteria. Other foods are better to eat because they have less sugar and kill bacteria, or […]

Assessment of instant coffee

“We’ve secretly replaced the fine coffee this restaurant normally serves with instant coffee. Let’s see how the guests react…” Back in the 70s there were a number of commercials that started this way. Where an upscale eatery would replace their gourmet coffee with a popular instant coffee brand. They would buy the patron’s dinner and […]

Benefits of Smart Water

“Purity you can taste. Before now, the only way to get truly pure water was to catch a raindrop from a cloud.” Smart Water Is Smart Water actually smart? Who would have ever thought that there could be a healthier drink than water? Made in the U.S., Smart Water by Glaceau is the new Vitamin […]

A salad of corn, bean and tomato

This delicious dish, reminiscent of Spanish cuisine, is a perfect side dish, easy to make, and it can be as flavorful, complex and spicy as you wish it to be! You will need: 1 pound dried black beans4 large plum tomatoes, chopped2 cups corn kernels1/2 red onion, chopped1 bunch cilantro, chopped1/2 cup lime juice1/4 cup […]

Benefits of Drinking Tea in the Morning

Drinking in the morning is a simple necessity that every human being must use to their advantage. Much like eating breakfast first thing in the morning, it is important to drink water in the morning for a variety of reasons. Your body has been fasting for many hours without the use of nutrients and water […]

Beef Potato Casserole

While casseroles of course are nutritious and fairly easy to make, it’s no good if your family won’t eat them. Here is a casserole recipe that not only is a complete meal, but tastes good as well. BEEF POTATO CASSEROLE 1 pound round steak, cut in 1-inch pieces and floured3 tablespoons shortening3 small onions, sliced […]

Dry Cough Remedies Guidelines

There are plenty of dry cough remedies are available and so people can easily use them and get rid of the problem. A dry cough can be big irritant particularly at the time climate changes and leaves the people sleepless at night time. Sometimes it also results to chest difficulties and bleeding from the throat […]

Are Specialty Coffee Drinks really Worth the Hype

You do not have to be a coffee drinker to know about specialty coffee drinks. Anyone who goes to a fast food restaurant has probably noticed a specialty coffee offered around a holiday or change in season. If you do not really understand what the big deal is about these coffee drinks, then you are […]