Basic bread making techniques.

There are so many reasons to enjoy bread, but the best reason is because it is delicious. Another reason is that it is inexpensive to make at home. Bread making can be a bit time consuming but worth the effort if you enjoy fresh bread.  It depends on who you ask which bread making technique […]

A refreshing potato and asparagus salad for summer

Potato and asparagus salad is not a well-known dish, but it’s delicious and healthy. This recipe includes celery, which adds a nice crunch and refreshing, crisp texture, perfect for summer. You will need: 1 pound asparagus, trimmed and cut into 1 inch lengths2 pounds red-skinned potatoes, scrubbed but unpeeled1 tablespoon white vinegar (red wine vinegar […]

Best method of storing coffee

The way you store your coffee can make or break your morning cup of Joe. If you take the right steps to store your coffee properly, you can greatly extend the life of your tasty grounds. Thereby saving you money while sparing your taste buds. The secret to storing coffee for maximal freshness is balance […]

Barbecue sauce, marinades and bastes; is there any difference?

It’s absolutely amazing how using any of these flavor-enhancing cooking methods will turn an ordinary food experience into something over the top. There are, indeed, several differences between cooking with barbecue sauces, marinades and bastes.  Two ways they are the same, however, is that all three cooking methods induce flavor and juiciness into an otherwise […]


The abdominal pain is really frequent in grown-ups that all persons will likely be suffering from that between his or her life. It isn’t a condition yet an indication. An indicator, in which requires you actually towards main issue. Any time the left lower pain in abdomen hits a single it could be really annoying […]

An Overview of the different Ways to Cure Olives

If you go into grocery or specialty stores,you can typically find a wide selection of olives. Olives may be sold canned, bottled or from a “bar”; the latter meaning shoppers select their own olives, place in containers and purchase by weight. There are many kinds of olives such as bitteto, kalamata, and manzanilla, however they […]

Best Italian Restaurants in Scottsdale Arizona

Un Bacio located at 7704 East Doubletree Road is a pretty Northern Italian restaurant that remains popular among the locals for the lively bar, weekend entertainment, a kitchen that takes requests and a covered patio. Lunch is served Monday through Friday and dinner is served nightly. They can be reached at 480-609-6969. Veneto Trattoria is […]

Banana and Peanut Butter Bread Recipe

Dimensions of bread pan used in this recipe: 9.56″ x 5.04″ x 2.77″ Prep Time: 10-15 minutes Cooking Time: 1 hour (depending on oven) Ingredients 3 old/bruised bananas 1 stick of unsalted butter 3/4 cup of sugar 1 egg 1 teaspoon  of baking soda 1 teaspoon of vanilla 1 teaspoon of honey Pinch of salt […]

An Overview of Garam Masala

Garam Masala is a Hindi term that describes a blend of spices. It translates as hot spice (Garam – hot and Masala – spice). The word masala actually derives from the Arabic Maslahah, meaning ‘that which is good’. Although there are no hard and fast rules, a Garam Masala recipe, sometimes referred to as Gorum […]

Best Foods to take to the Beach

The summer is a great time to take a trip to the beach. If you plan on spending the day at the sea-side then you will also likely need to take some food along with you. As such, a beach picnic basket with flasks and plates is recommended for lunch at least. Alternatively, in the […]