A Safe Baby Crib Is The Most Important Thing New Parents Should Get

Parents should always check and see that the new baby crib purchased by the meets the comfort standards. You can find out the ideal material and the dimensions for a queen bed frame. If you want to save space in an apartment then it’s the Captains bed or the platform bed frames that you will have to check out.

The first item that parents will want to get for their new baby would be the baby crib. It proven that most babies spend 70% of their time in their baby crib. A baby crib would be the first expense for the parents and a good baby crib is expensive too. Below are some of the guidelines for choosing the best and comfortable baby crib:

  1. Safety
  2. Convenience
  3. Location
  4. Size and shape
  5. Cost
  6. Growth factor
  7. Finish

Safe baby crib is the prime factor to consider and hence, make sure the baby crib you select has been certified by proper safety standards. This could be standards set by ‘Consumer Product Safety Commission‘ and standards as issued by ‘American Society for Testing and Materials‘ that will ensure your baby crib is truly safe. Get a crib with adjustable mattress height and a drop side that makes it convenient to lift baby in and out of the crib. Get one with wheels that allows you to move the crib around if needed.

Get a Moses basket, cradle or bassinet if you are going to be sleeping along with the baby. You can go in for a full size crib if the baby is sleeping in a nursery however you can also have a Moses crib for couple of month keeping the baby warm and cozy. You can decide on the size and shape of the crib based on the space available, if you have a large size nursery then you can get a rectangle baby crib or else settle in for a mini crib if there is space constrain. Try and get good discounts on the crib though they are quoted high as there many that are available which are very safe with a reasonable price.

You can get cribs that can be changed into toddler beds as well, this can be considered as a cost cutting option as well. Give the finishing a good thought and choose the baby crib with smooth and in pastel or neutral colors. You can use these tips and enjoy shopping for your little one. The Captains beds are another type of bed that are used in children’s bed room as this is known for the fact that it saves space. This is a specialized platform bed that comes with built in drawers. In a child’s bedroom, the captains’ bed can be a standalone units that can be built into an alcove and save space.

The design of shelves of Captains Beds can vary like roll-out storage units, bins, drawers, shelves or even storage compartments that will encompass the entire platform. Some modern Captains Beds even come with illuminated storage that allows users to see clearly inside. While Captains Beds were originally found on ships where cabin space is limited, manufacturers realized their benefits for consumers who live in restricted spaces like apartments or studio units. You can get ready-made Captains Beds at furniture stores or make one at home using a modular kit.

A queen bed frame is the most popular type of bed frame that is purchased and its ideal dimensions are 60-66″W x 80-83″ L. A queen bed frame can be made from metal or wood and the choice depends on budget and personal taste. The wooden queen bed frame looks natural and gives the bedroom a classical traditional look. Contemporary queen bed frame made from metal looks awesome and stylish especially when it comes with carved headboard and footboard.

These day people are looking forward to very innovative styles when selecting their bed frames, apart from just the style they are looking for good inexpensive and multipurpose. European designers have come up with so many innovative models which have become a fame in the US market, though there are many models such as canopy beds, bunk beds, Captain’s beds. Platform beds have become the most popular modern bed frame, hence many of them opt for these since they are stylish and modern.

Modern platform bed frames are easy to assemble and available in many different combinations. Those who want custom-made storage units built for their platform beds can get their own carpenter or even place an order with furniture store management, who will be happy to comply with their wishes. Modern platform bed frames are mostly made from wood, for metal frames make it difficult to make storage units underneath. When seeking the best modern platform bed frames, go for comfort and practicality above all other reasons.