A twist on the traditional apple pie

Traditional apple pie seems a little boring sometimes, and there’s no reason why you can’t use similar ingredients and spice up the look of the dish, so that guests have traditional taste without traditional presentation. These apple pie ideas have been tried and tested on many occasions and have proved successful though if you know your guests preferences, it helps. Some are geared toward guests who are not too keen on copious amounts of sugar, while others are especially made for people who love the indulgence of a great dessert regardless of the calorie count or content. 

Apple pie ice cream

Cook your apple pies as you usually do. This recipe takes the traditional apple pie and then, when cooled, the apple pie is crumbled into a bowl. Although, at this stage, it doesn’t look that delicious, make sure your crumbles are a little lumpy, so that people get the great taste of apple. Open up a vanilla ice cream tub and mix the ice cream with the crumbled mixture. Save some of the apple to serve on top, and add a little caramel sauce to make it even more delicious. Alternatively, you can mix the crumbled mixture with double cream and serve chilled from the fridge. This dessert looks and tastes delicious because it gives the eater different textures to chew on and holds the surprize of  sharp apple taste mingled with smooth ice cream or cream.

Chausson Pomme

This is the way that French people serve apple pie. A “chausson” is a slipper and the shape of the folded pastry looks like the toe of a slipper. A light puff pastry is just the answer to make perfect Chausson Pomme tarts. Apple is pureed rather than cooked in the traditional way for apple pies. Add a little sugar or cinnamon if you wish to give the tarts more flavor. When the puree is ready and you have chilled your puff pastry, roll it out into even ovals. Place the puree onto one side of the oval and fold the pastry over, using a pastry brush to add milk to the edges to join the crusts. Take a sharp knife and make scores across the top of the pie, sufficiently to show ridges. Cook the pies as you would normally cook apple pie, turning the tray to ensure even browning. These are delicious served on their own, though should be served warm for the best results. Additionally, a little chantilly can be added to make the dessert even more appealing.

Apple pie lollipops

These are a delicious twist on the traditional apple pie. Use a shallow tray for baking these as this helps to keep the shape of the pies even. The pie trays which hold twelve pies are ideal. You already know how to make apple pies, though this time, make sure that the apple mixture is not too lumpy. A smooth apple mixture works better. Cut circles of short crust pastry and place these in the pie trays. If using trays which are not non-stick, be sure to grease the trays so that the pies don’t stick. Add the apple and then the top crust. Using a pastry brush, add a little milk to the tops of the pies and a little sugar sprinkled evenly over the top.

Cook the pies as you would normally cook apple pies, and then take out of the trays after they have cooled down a little. Place onto a cooling rack. Turn the pie over while it is still warm and add a little milk and sugar to the back of the pie so that both sides are evenly coated. This needs to be done while they are hot enough to blend the milk and sugar coating. If in doubt, you can put the wire tray back into the oven for a few minutes to brown the other side.

Add popsicle sticks into the side of the pie. The sticks need to be pushed firmly into place when the pies have cooled completely. Add a bow of blue or a color to go with your table setting and let your guests enjoy their popsicles. These are a great temptation for children who would normally turn their noses up at good, nutritious food.

These are just a few ideas which change the original or traditional apple pie into something different. A change is always welcomed. Other ways to present apple pies in a non traditional manner are simpler, such as using meringue on the top of the apples instead of pie crust. Crumble can be added to the traditional pie base for a rich and tasty treat. In fact, with apples being such an easy fruit to mix with other fruits and tastes, it’s easy to make up your own recipes adding apricots, prunes, plums or blackberries and simply glazing the top of the fruit instead of covering these colorful foods with a pastry top.

The French know how to present foods in a temptingly tasty way, though in the kitchen, using a little imagination and different ingredients which compliment apples, you really can make your own twist on the traditional apple pie. As a final idea, there’s no better treat than an open apple tart, which is glazed and presented as a warming alternative to apple pie.