Best Foods to take to the Beach

The summer is a great time to take a trip to the beach. If you plan on spending the day at the sea-side then you will also likely need to take some food along with you. As such, a beach picnic basket with flasks and plates is recommended for lunch at least. Alternatively, in the evening beach barbecues can also be great. These are some of the best food and beverages to take to the beach.

Sandwiches & baguettes:

For lunch at the beach sandwiches are most recommended. Make your own sandwiches which can come in variety of flavors. Some of the more notable sandwiches are salad sandwich, chicken sandwiches, cheese & pickle sandwiches, or prawn sandwiches. Baguettes are also pretty similar although they have longer bread rolls.

Crisps & chocolate:

Crisps and chocolate are the ideal beach snacks. There are many crisps that can be taken, but Walkers crisps are among the best and have a variety of flavors such as salt & vinegar, Worcester sauce, cheese & onion, ready salted, and smokey bacon. Pringle potato crisps are also recommended. Chocolate is another great beach snack, and consider bringing Cadbury or Galaxy chocolate, although if it is a very hot day these can melt fairly quickly. However, most beach kiosks will also likely have crisps and chocolate.

Fruit & fruit salad:

Fruit is also great to take to the beach. Bring good fruits such as apples, pears, bananas, and strawberries which are great with whipped cream. Alternatively, such fruits can be mixed together to make fruit salads as well.


Cold beverages should also be taken to the beach. For pop leading brands such as Coke and Pepsi may be fine. These will be better bottled as the bottles can be refilled with water. Cold beer and larger good beverage to bring along to the beach.

The beach barbecue:

Beach barbecues can also be fun, although you will need to have suitable tools. Beach barbecues will require foods to be cooked and grilled at the barbecue. As such, traditional barbecue foods such as hamburgers, hot-dogs, and possibly steaks are recommended. Kebabs are also good to have at a barbecue. Also bring some salad along including lettuce, cucumber, peppers, and tomatoes along with mayonnaise or vinegar which can be mixed with the salad. Ketchup and other barbecue sauces are also good to bring for a beach barbecue.

So, these are are a few great foods to take to the beach. Bring your own sandwiches, crisps, fruit, and for a beach barbecue hamburgers, hot-dogs, steaks, kebabs, and salad are good to have. Then, beverages can include bottled pop such as Coke or canned beer.