Dairy Free Cheese Comes in Many Forms

It has never been a better time to be a vegan, as there has never been a wider variety of dairy free cheese options from which to choose. Today, people who choose to make the switch from animal foods to a total vegetarian menu can do so without forsaking all of their most-loved cheesy dishes and treats.

Though made from vegetable sources, today’s alternative cheeses provide a rich range of tastes and textures for true vegans and non-vegans alike. Using ingredients such as rice and tofu, manufacturers have managed to create vegetarian cheeses that closely mimic the flavors and usefulness of traditional milk-based cheeses.

As a result, there are cheesy options for almost any dish imaginable. Pizza lovers have a wide variety of tofu, soy, and rice cheeses from which to choose. These selections come in block form, or in bags that have already been grated. The best selections melt at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, just like conventional pizza cheeses.

There are also cream cheeses that offer a wide variety of flavors for vegan enthusiasts. They can come in every flavor from chives to almonds to French onion. That makes them the perfect choice not only for spreading on bagels and rolls, but for practically any traditional casserole recipe as well. They’re even great for party dips.

Many of the alternatives also come in sliced or block form. This makes them perfect for use on sandwiches, or in combination with crackers and other party favors. Because the texture is almost indistinguishable from animal-based products, even non-vegans may have trouble telling them apart.

The fact is that the modern era seems almost tailor-made for people who want to avoid consuming any kind of animal flesh or milk. Thanks to the tireless work of the best food manufacturers, today’s vegans have all the dairy free cheeses they need to adhere to their strict dietary requirements.