Miva Review – Pay Per Click Search Ads

Miva supplies a network marketing platform that brings the publisher and advertiser together. We have found in this Miva review that initially Miva was a search engine and an advertising network but has remolded its business plan so that the publisher is also included. So the publisher can also now monetize their sites by displaying Miva ads and at the same time providing the advertiser’s a wider distribution. The advantage of using this kind of advertising platform is that its click costs will stay leveled. Miva has also added a special feature i.e. Ad-analyzer for advertisers that displays the actual return that advertiser would get based on the keywords and campaigns used.

This makes it easier and quicker to determine the cost of the bid position, it also enables you to group your CPC by the keywords in your ad. You have the option to advertise by using two methods, first using their standard core network and secondly by a contextual program which less expensive than the first, however the quality of traffic is much less desired. Thus Miva does offer a good option for advertisers to organize and manage their pay per click search engine campaign.