Pregnancy: Planning Checklist and Others

Pregnancy Planning

To ensure the process your pregnancy with beginning as good as possible, would be fitting you far-sighted and planning pregnancy. Exist some measure may be eliminated take, not only increase the chances you to conceive, even also guarantee your baby born by normal and healthy.

As good as planning to pregnancy is within 3 months before you pregnant. This is because in first few weeks, when you not realize you pregnant, baby development vulnerable in the foetus. Moreover that, look after body spirit and perfect nutrition can ensure you had taken move as good as possible in safeguarding and fed substance that need to the baby in the foetus.

Pregnancy checklist:

Do-you immune for rubella?

Rubella infection or Measles’s German could cause defect to the baby in the foetus, especially in early pregnancy when internal organ baby is still improving. Therefore before pregnant, ask doctor undergo blood screening for you to make sure you have one immunization for rubella disease. If nothing, doctor may dispense you vaccine (Rubella immunization injection).

You should not pregnant at least 3 months from the date the injection.

Do you or your couple have inherited problem?

Several medical problems, like hemophilia and Fibrosis Baristas, contract by race. If you or your couple have kith and kin infected inherited, then there are possibility of the disease to be devolved to your baby.

Refer to doctor or genetic counselor that can expect level of risk which may you faced.

Do you take or ever takes planning pill?

If you do take up planning pill then in recommend stopped taking it’s to a long run before you planning to conceive so your body has time to return to normal cycle. It is good if stop during 3 menstrual cycles before one tries to conceive.

Do you have one long-term medical condition?

If you have one disruption medically, like diabetes or epilepsy, you should discuss with your doctor before you try to pregnant. Your doctor perhaps will change your treatment because medicine whose one takes perhaps may give in the foetus impact to baby or cause gestation period difficulty.

Do your work make possible you to face any risk?

If your work exposed to chemicals, lead, anesthetic or X-ray, this may influence your opportunity to conceive or cause risk to the baby. Obtain doctor advice. It is better for you to exchange labour before pregnant. You also can talk with your employer if your job involving heavy work and burden that could harmful your health and baby.

How much weight of your body?

Your bodyweight must be normal level, that is compatible with your height (ideal bodyweight), during at least 6 months before you pregnant. Obtain doctor advice to achieve suitable bodyweight. Do not diet during pregnant, except you face a serious body weight problem, this may cause your body important undernourishment.

Do you eat perfectly?

Practice healthy nutrition habit contains a lot fresh food, this will enhance the chances you to conceive and get healthy infant.

Do you smoking or drink liquor?

You and your couple should stop-smoking or stop drink liquor once you-want pregnant because tobacco and alcohol influence fertility man and woman by can be harmful baby before and postnatal.

Do-you doing much exercise?

To make sure your body always healthy and active, you should exercise, like walk or swim for 20 minutes daily.

Pregnancy sign

One or more following changes can tell you that-you pregnant. You might not be aware these changes first but your instinct told you that you are pregnant because you sense “different”.

  • Do not have menstruation – but if your menstrual cycles usually unsteady or while one worried, busy or ill, this not may be eliminated make indication. You also may undergo a little bleeding time environment that your span would be confronted menstruation, after you already pregnant.
  • More bulky breast, soft and may sense slight tingle
  • Strange that metallic sense in the mouth
  • Feel fatigue, not only nocturnally, but also in broad daylight
  • Feel want to faint and may dizzy
  • Increase in water displacement of vaginal
  • Feel nausea and perhaps vomiting; this could have happened at anytime
  • Feelings do not like powerful ones for some substance as alcohol, coffee or cigarette-smoke, instead of having strong desire for other substance
  • Undergo changes emotion unnatural because hormonal changes inside the body
  • Sense want to pass which often

Food for pregnant women

  • MILK – 2 or 3 daily glass or replacement with milk soy or junket otherwise like milk.
  • Rice / bread – 5 servings one day
  • PROTEIN That is meat, fish, cockle, cattle organ. 2 servings one day and can be replaced with legume, bean curd.
  • EGG – 1 stones a day or 5 – 6 pieces one week
  • VEGETABLES – 2 servings a day
  • FRUITS – 2 servings a day
  • WATER – Not less 8 glasses a day


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