Vitiligo Skin Disorder

Vitiligo is a skin condition in which white spots appear on the skin. People having vitiligo skin have to suffer great stress due to their appearance. Because it hardly affects personal grace and beauty of a person. This emotions condition causes more increase in the white spots.

Vitiligo skin disorder and the pigmentation:

When we use the word vitiligo skin it means white spot on skin. Another words is de-pigmentation mean that the part of the skin where the pigmentation have been lost due to any reason. Pigmentation process of the skin cells is responsible for the body natural color and where the pigmentation missed, white spots appear on the skin and these are the reason of the appearance of vitiligo skin.

Some Stats about Vitiligo Skin condition:

Vitiligo Skin normally very common and can be seen in any society and in any part of the worlds. As the condition stats shows that about 2% of the population is suffering from this skin disorder, means about 50 to 65 million people of the world have this type of skin. However in Europe in white races it is difficult to see white spot of vitiligo. Whereas in darken complexion it can be observed clearly.

Shape of vitiligo skin disorder:

Shape of the skin are different in different patients of vitiligo. Acrofacial vitiligo skin is the most common skin in which the disease is limited to parts away from the center of the body. In some cases the skin are found in unilateral and asymmetric in distribution it is normally called the segmental vitiligo. In universal vitiligo except some small parts of the body almost all the body have white spots and hence it is also called the totalis vitiligo skin. Some kind of skins are consist of one or more spots and some are spread allover the body of the vitiligo patients.

White spot on the skin:

Remember vitiligo is not the only skin condition which causes white spot on the skin, there are many other skin condition which causes white patches. Like Nevus depigmentosus, Pityriasis Alba, Idiopathic guttate hypomelanosis. Some time white scars due to the injuries also seem like vitiligo skin.

It is harsh fact that the no hundred percent successful treatment of vitiligo yet discovered although different treatment procedure are available for the treatment. One may amaze to read above sentence that in this age of modern technology and the medical advancement, how it is possible. Actual reason is that for treatment of any disease it is necessary to complete knowledge about the causes of that particular disease. The causes of vitiligo are not fully know to anyone.